THE DISABLED TRIKERS CLUB is a non-profit organisation set up to inform disabled people and Therapists about the benefits of Recumbent Tricycles as aids in health & rehabilitation that have become newly available with the latest developments in cycling technology.
Disabled Trikers are people who use Recumbent Tricycles as a Therapeutic, Rehabilitive or Assistive tool to compensate for loss of normal function due to age, injury or disability.
Our members seek to spread the word about the benefits of tricycles to both the disabled community & Therapist community (Occupational Therapists & Physiotherapists etc)

-Using the internet as a central repository of relevant information, sharing our trike rehab experiences.
-By organising information sessions & test rides, for groups & individuals so that they can find out if a trike solution may be available for their needs.
-By giving technical & practical advice about trikes before purchase.
-By developing a community to support each other (fundraise/test rides/info sessions/buddy rides)
-To lobby & inform government & organisations to recognise & support our community by ensuring that public regulations, restrictions & guidelines are flexible enough to cater for our assistive technologies.